Sample This is one of the 58 pages from the 1100 series of stitch patterns with the knit techniques that can be used with them. I have organized them so I can get easy access to the stitch patterns and all of the knit techniques that can be used with that stitch pattern, what can be used in combinations and all of the additional information about how to and where to set up the patterns so knitting can be easier and definitely more fun.

1100, 1101 1102 and on through in number sequence through 1199 in my organized version while in the manual they are in random order. EX: on page 51 there are 6 pictures that are 1123/180*, 1014/183, 1117/184, 1115/184, 1017/186 and 1122/180.That means the stitch pattern which has 4 numbers combined with the knit technique which has 3 numbers will give you the knit fabric in the picture shown. There is no additional information provided on the page.

I found that information organization very difficult to use so I put the information in the order I could use it and others asked if they could buy it for their own use.

You who are new to the Passap E 6000 might not know the information below about our amazing knitting machine and this is just the stitch patterns that start with 1100 and go to 1199. If you do not want to be constantly flipping through your book and you want things that could be used together in the same area, this is a good resource for you. If on the other hand you want to be a page flipper feel free to go forward with that approach and let those of us who want to really enjoy our knitting machines select this approach.

In the 1100 stitch pattern numbers there are:

  • 78 stitch patterns (not including the letters A-T?? The letters are grouped with the page and technique-no picture)
  • that use 167 techniques
  • 12 patterns are combined
  • There are 58 pages of information? for a total of 165 stitches + techniques